• Chamber Staff

    Janice Moore
    Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce
    President / CEO
    Nyesha Loyd Burnatte
    Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Executive Assistant
    Nyesha Loyd has been with the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce since 2002.  She completed the Western Association on Chamber Executives Academy in 2009 which was a three-year Training Program for a New Era of Chamber Management.  She received a Certificate of Management Services by Western Association of Chamber Executives in recognition of 5+ years of service as a Chamber of Commerce Executive and in sincere appreciation for outstanding devotion to public and community interest while serving as a leader of Chamber of Commerce activities.  University of Phoenix, Associates in Business 2009 - now.
    Joy Adkins
    Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Membership Services Representative
    Luisa Sled
    Affordable Cremations of the High Desert
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